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Richard Villasana

Meet Richard

Since 1993, Richard Villasana has helped U.S. companies and businesses around the world accelerate their entry into Latin America especially Mexico, expand their market and dramatically increase profits. He brings his expertise to college students in both the U.S. and Mexico.

Richard is one of the most well-connected
authorities on doing business in Mexico
Richard & Lic. Celso Delgado
Lic. Celso Delgado, former Mexican ambassador to Argentina, sharing political insights with Richard.
Richard & Dr. Luis Ernesto Derbez
Potential presidential candidate, Dr. Luis Ernesto Derbez, exchanging cultural views with The Mexico Guru.

Richard Villasana is a leading authority on Mexican business practices, culture and communication. He has appeared several times on ABC and been interviewed by NBC and BusinessWeek for his expertise on business in Mexico and its economy. He was a translator for the United Nations. He has been on KPBS Radio and 1040AM San Diego.

He is the top selling author of "Insiders Secrets for Doing Business in Mexico" as well as several articles on marketing and business practices in Mexico. Richard's business success has been profiled in:

  • San Diego Business Journal
  • EFE, the world's largest Spanish language news agency (Spain)
  • El Universal (Mexico)
  • El Mercurio (Chile)
  • El Siglo de Torreon (Mexico)
  • MSN Latino
  • Yahoo en Español
  • El Latino (San Diego, California)
  • The Arizona Republic
  • El País (Spain)
  • Eastern Group Publications (Los Angeles, CA)
  • El Periodico de Mexico
  • Arizona Daily Star
  • Several business and marketing web sites

He has written articles for Twin Plants News, the leading magazine for the U.S. and Mexico maquiladora industry, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Magazine and Real Estate Executive.

Richard has spoken at numerous events in both the U.S. and Mexico including university conferences as well as seminars for clients such as the City of San Diego. His presentations are supported by companies such as Sprint.

He was recently recognized for his conference on International Business given at one of the prestigious private universities in Mexico, Universidad Univer and his presentation at Alliant International University in San Deigo, California. He has lived in Mexico (over ten years), France and Sardenia and is fluent in French and Spanish.

Photo of Richard Villasana dining in Acapulco
Enjoying dinner in Acapulco
Richard started working at age 14 in his family's Mexican restaurant in Houston, Texas. He has always had a love of languages, culture and business. He spent several years studying abroad in France, Mexico and Spain.

Since that time, he has become an authority on Latino business practices especially those of Mexico. He has done business with almost every country in Latin America from Monterrey, Mexico to Santiago, Chile.

His services have been sought after by companies such as Cisco Systems (telecom), Drager, Mallinckrodt (medical), Micron Technologies (computers), Comet AG (Switzerland), Lazer Helmets (Belgium), Foton (China manufacturer) and AT&T.

Richard believes in "greater success for college students through better international relations and diversity". Through his passionate and energetic presentations he captivates his college audiences with his knowledge of foreign cultures. His talks come alive with memorable personal stories teaching students lessons he has learned from his in-the-trenches experiences in doing business in Latin America as well as Europe and Asia.

One recent attendee, a senior in International Business, wrote, "The one thing that I liked about your presentation was how you have to understand one's culture and lifestyle to efficiently communicate with them."

Richard will help your college students:

  • Transform their thinking and attitude to culture and communication.

  • Discover how to create incredible opportunities throughout Latin America.

  • Understand the importance of culture and how this skill will set them on the path to a successful future with companies in the U.S. and around the world.

  • Sharpen their interpersonal skills so they feel confident in business situations with Latino professionals.

His books and presentations provide both the motivation and the strategies so your college students can compete successfully in the competitive global market place and with the ever more diverse customer base in the U.S.

Book Richard Villasana, The Mexico Guru, to speak at your next student or fraternity/sorority event! Contact us by telephone at (866) 460-1102 or email us for availability and bookings.


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Richard Villasana. International Speaker, Consultant and Leading Expert
on Mexican Business Practices, Communication and Culture