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Richard Villasana

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Richard Villasana is a leading authority on Mexico business practices, communication and culture. He has been profiled by U.S. newspapers such as the San Diego Business Journal. He has been featured in industry trade magazines such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). He is the top selling author of Insider Secrets for Doing Business in Mexico along with several articles on marketing and business practices in Mexico.

Engage Richard to speak at your next student event whether the topic is diversity, entrepreneurship, business or international business and relations. Here are a few of his topics.

  • Leadership in the Global Marketplace

  • This presentation introduces students to the realities of the market place — they are not only competing for jobs with each other but also with a world-wide work force. This presentation will better prepare your students for working in diverse business environments, be they U.S. companies with an international staff or foreign-owned companies.

  • Diversity Awareness Success for College Students

  • Students discover the importance of cultural sensitivity in international business relations. They examine cultural differences ranging from initial greetings to stereotypes that can limit their ability to excel in the increasingly multi-cultural work place and diverse customer base.

  • International Social Networking for College Students

  • Students learn how to maximize their college experience and develop relationships with their classmates from other countries. They will be introduced to ideas on how to strategically leverage these foundational relationships for future business success.

  • How to Thrive in the Global Work Place

  • This presentation explores what employers seek in new hires who are aligned with the company’s long-range plans. Students will learn powerful business secrets, from how to make a good first impression to making certain they perform effectively on the job.

  • Leadership for Hispanic College Students

  • Hispanic students can be challenged to succeed both in college and in the work place due to their cultural heritage. This positive and self-esteem building presentation examines how students can embrace their cultural heritage to reach their academic and professional goals.

  • 7 Ways To Mess Up Your Business In Mexico

  • An irreverent presentation on how companies around the world destroy almost any chance to do business in Mexico. Richard exposes some of the worse practices companies commit. Companies are wasting millions of dollars trying to enter the Mexican market and sabotaging their efforts at the same time.

    Your students will hear real-life stories about global companies and their mistakes. Students will be better prepared to avoid these same mistakes.
Richard can customize his presentation to meet the specific theme or focus of your student event.

Book Richard Villasana, The Mexico Guru, to speak at your next college student meeting or event! Contact: The Mexico Guru at (619) 632-5443 for availability and bookings.

9450 Mira Mesa Blvd, Suite C520 | San Diego, California 92126 USA | Phone: 619.632.5443 | Fax: 617.608.2381

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Richard Villasana. International Speaker, Consultant and Leading Expert
on Mexican Business Practices, Communication and Culture