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Richard Villasana

Bio for Richard Villasana

Richard Villasana, known as The Mexico Guru, is a leading authority on Mexican business practices, culture and communication. For fifteen years, Richard Villasana has helped U.S. companies and businesses around the world accelerate their entry into Mexico’s trillion dollar economy, expand their market and dramatically increase profits. Fortune 100 companies such as Cisco Systems and AT&T value his expertise.

Barbara I. Pardue
"Any business, government official or visitor to Mexico would benefit from Lic. Villasana's specific advice."

Barbara I. Pardue
former Senior Cabinet Officer and Director of Arkansas Department of Economic Development

Richard spent several years studying abroad in France, Mexico and Spain. He lived in Mexico for almost ten years. He has always had a love of languages, culture and business. "Nothing is more exciting than communicating with someone from another country and culture. Doors open and opportunities abound when you show someone you respect who they are."

Richard recognized the powerful influence that language and cultural understanding have with people abroad. This power is even more evident when focused on business endeavors. Richard was welcomed by some of the most influential business and government executives in Mexico.

He is a leading U.S. expert on Mexico’s medical market and was the first U.S. business person ever invited to attend national conferences held by Salubridad (SSA), one of the major federal health care institutions in Mexico. From these relations, he won government contracts for several U.S. companies.

He procured the largest order ever received in 65 years of business by a U.S. manufacturer of radiology products. "I was too successful. The company told me not to bring in another order that large for at least half a year."

Richard is an authority on:
  • Mexico’s safety certification, the NOM
  • Mexico's telecommunication certification, the Homologación
  • Federal bids and tenders
He is author of "Insider Secrets for Doing Business in Mexico" as well as several articles on marketing and business practices in Mexico. He has lived in four countries and is conversant in French and Spanish.

Richard has spoken at numerous events in both the U.S. and Mexico including university conferences as well as seminars for clients such as the City of San Diego. He was recently recognized for his conference on International Business given at one of the prestigious private universities in Mexico, Universidad Univer.

Richard believes in "better business and greater profits through better international relations". Through his passionate and energetic presentations he captivates his audience with his expertise of foreign cultures and the impact on successfully doing business especially in Mexico.

His coaching, books, articles and educational products provide both the motivation and the strategies to excel in international business in Mexico.

9450 Mira Mesa Blvd, Suite C520 | San Diego, California 92126 USA | Phone: 619.632.5443 | Fax: 617.608.2381

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Richard Villasana. International Speaker, Consultant and Leading Expert
on Mexican Business Practices, Communication and Culture